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About us

inlingua Santander is a licensee of  inlingua International AG, an international organisation whose headquarters are in Switzerland and which has more than 350 language schools in 44 countries all over the world. With more than half a million clients a year, this makes it one of the leading organisations worldwide in the field of language training.


The inlingua Method

The most effective way of learning a language is by listening and speaking to native speakers. The emphasis is on real communication, which means avoiding any type of parrot-fashion memorising of vocabulary or grammatical rules.

At inlingua, from the very first day,only the target language is used in the classroom. This is achieved by means of dialogue, discussions, role-play activities, gestures and mime, as well as a selective use of multimedia. All of which provides the student with "ready-to-use" language.

Exercises are used to consolidate what has been taught in the classroom and to ensure its correct application. Tests, which are carried out on a regular basis, detect any gaps or misunderstandings that may arise, thus providing us with the opportunity to correct mistakes before it is too late.

  • Learning through speaking
  • Target language only
  • Examples and active exercises instead of rules and parrot-fashion     memorising
  • A structural and functional approach based on the principles of applied psychology
  • Use of multimedia
  • Tests
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