Undoubtedly the best way to make the most of your course and visit to Spain is by staying with a Spanish family. This gives you the opportunity to consolidate your learning and to get to know many other aspects of Spanish life and culture.

Our home-stay families are chosen with great care. The majority are within walking distance of the school, and we are constantly in touch with them during your stay to make sure you are made to feel at home and that you receive the highest possible level of care and attention.

Students are offered half-board accommodation with the family in an individual room. A desk is provided for studying either in the student's bedroom or in a quiet place in the home. We also guarantee that no other foreign students will be staying with the home-stay family during your visit. This is to ensure that you receive maximum personal attention and that only Spanish is spoken at home during your stay.

HOTEL: If you prefer to stay in a hotel we will be very pleased to assist you in making the booking.

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