Why in Santander?

The language which is spoken in Santander is Castilian Spanish - traditionally the purest form of the language in Spain. In Santander there is no regional accent or dialect.

Santander is a quiet university town with 180,000 inhabitants, located on the northern coast of Spain. It is famed for its beautiful bay and for having some of the best beaches in the country. Although Santander is a fashionable tourist destination, most visitors come from other parts of Spain. Even in high season there are very few foreign tourists, which means students have ample opportunities to practise their Spanish outside class time.

The coastal region of Cantabria, green and agricultural, has lost little of its natural beauty.

According to most visitors, its most impressive feature is the strong contrast between the sea and the mountains: from the port of Santander peaks can be seen in the distance; a ski resort is but a 2 hour drive away and a little further on you have the 'Picos de Europa' with summits of over 2,000 metres and breathtakingly beautiful views.

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